Platinum Edition Modems

Delivering performance under the toughest environmental conditions, Subnero’s platinum edition modems are designed to meet rigorous quality standards mandated by sectors such as defense, oil & gas and subsea engineering. All devices are subjected to environmental stress screening (PCBA and unit level) before shipment. They also meet IPC class 2 workmanship requirement of PCBA and are conformally coated. This modem also provides options for customization and extension at many levels, allowing network protocols as well as physical layer algorithms to be implemented and tested easily.

Node Configuration


A modem in the node configuration operates on batteries and can be deployed in a standalone mode.

Surface Configuration


A modem in the surface configuration operates on external power source and can be deployed from the surface.

Embedded Configuration


Designed with ease of integration and flexibilty as the primary focus, this modem is ideal for integration to underwater platforms (AUVs, ROVs).

The applications can be develeoped using a simulator before the commercial deployments. The modem runs the UnetStack underwater networking stack, and provides a wide-range of functionality such as data transmission, navigation, time synchronization, and networked operations.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Data rate 0.5 kbps (Control link) Up to 15 kbps (Data link)
Communication range up to 3 km (nominal, depending on channel conditions)
Ranging precision 0.1 m
Doppler precision up to 4 knots
Software framework UnetStack (software-defined),
Operating depth up to 300 m
Housing Aluminium
Qualification tests  
Temperature, vibration, salinity, humidity MIL-STD-810G
Air transportation, shock MIL-STD-810E
Connectivity RS232, Ethernet, Acoustic commands
Software interface UnetStack agents (Java, Groovy, Python), Interactive web UI, Linux sockets, JSON/TCP
Carrier frequency 24 kHz (typical)
Bandwidth 16 kHz (nominal)
Source level max. 185 dB re 1 μPa @ 1 m (rms)
Modulation (software-defined) PSK-OFDM, incoherent OFDM, FH-BFSK, JANUS (subject to operating frequency band)

Detailed documentation is available on the UnetStack documentation page.