Research Edition Modems

WNC-M25MRS3 is a research edition underwater modem suitable for the academic researchers and underwater technology enthusiasts. These modems provide a flexible platform with a substantial computing power packed into a compact form factor. Our research edition modems are designed to bridge the gap between developing applications using a simulator and high-end commercial deployments. This modem also provides options for customization and extension at many levels, allowing network protocols as well as physical layer algorithms to be implemented and tested easily. The modem runs the UnetStack underwater networking stack, and provides a wide-range of functionality such as data transmission, navigation, time synchronization, and networked operations.

Technical specifications

Specification Details
Data rate 0.5 kbps (Control link) Up to 15 kbps (Data link)
Communication range up to 1 km (nominal, depending on channel conditions)
Ranging precision 0.1 m
Doppler precision up to 4 knots
Software framework UnetStack (software-defined),
Operating depth up to 100 m
Housing Plastic / Aluminium
Connectivity RS232, Ethernet, Acoustic commands
Software interface UnetStack agents (Java, Groovy, Python), Interactive web UI, Linux sockets, JSON/TCP
Carrier frequency 24 kHz (typical)
Bandwidth 16 kHz (nominal)
Source level max. 180 dB re 1 μPa @ 1 m (rms)
Modulation (software-defined) PSK-OFDM, incoherent OFDM, FH-BFSK, JANUS (subject to operating frequency band)
Additional Information  
Available configurations Surface (gateway), node (standalone) and embedded (AUV/sensor) configurations

Detailed documentation is available on the UnetStack documentation page.