Silver Edition Modems

Subnero’s silver edition underwater modem is the workhorse communication node to be used in the general commercial deployments with larger range and depth-rating when compared to the research edition modem. This modem also provides options for customization and extension at many levels, allowing network protocols as well as physical layer algorithms to be implemented and tested easily.

Node Configuration


A modem in the node configuration operates on batteries and can be deployed in a standalone mode.

Surface Configuration


A modem in the surface configuration operates on external power source and can be deployed from the surface.

Embedded Configuration


Designed with ease of integration and flexibilty as the primary focus, this modem is ideal for integration to underwater platforms (AUVs, ROVs).

The applications can be develeoped using a simulator before the commercial deployments. The modem runs the UnetStack underwater networking stack, and provides a wide-range of functionality such as data transmission, navigation, time synchronization, and networked operations.

Detailed documentation is available on the UnetStack documentation page.