Multi-channel Configuration Modem

Subnero’s multi-channel modems, provide the capability to record synchronized signals from multiple hydrophones, in addition to the regular communication channel thereby enabling a plethora of new applications.

Key Features

  • Integrated Subnero silver edition modems.
  • Multiple synchronized receiving channels.
  • Ability to choose between 1 - 4 additional receiving channels.
  • Scheduled and trigger based recordings.
  • Access to raw signals from all receiving channels.
  • Ability to develop and deploy user defined applications using UnetStack. Examples are:
    • Rapid environmental assessment.
    • Diversity combining techniques to enhance communication performance.
    • Positioning applications (e.g. USBL).

Standalone Configuration with Multiple Receiving Channels

A modem in the standalone configuration (SC) with multiple receiving channels, operates on external power source and combines a versatile acoustic modem with a multi-channel acoustic recorder, ideal for long term deployments.




Feature Details
Additional receiving channels up to 4
Sampling rate (per channel) 128 or 256 kSa/s
Fixed gain 10 dB
Programmable gain 36 dB


Feature Details
Power consumption < 7 W (receive mode, nominal)
< 60 W (transmit mode, avg.)
< 80 W (transmit mode, max.)
Dimensions ⌀ 127 ✕ 324 mm