Clean and sustainable water sources are, without doubt, a basic requirement for any modern society. However, monitoring rivers, lakes, reservoirs etc. is not a trivial task. Some of the commonly employed methods are periodic manual sampling or continuos fixed sampling (e.g. fixed buoys). Most of them lacks the capability to generate dense datasets (both in time and space) which are required by researchers and managers of these facilities for effective monitoring. Also, they do not provide real-time, in-field data processing capability at a manageable cost.

Subnero Water Assessment Network – SWAN

Subnero Water Assessment Network (SWAN) consists of a team of low-cost, autonomous, robotic "swans" that can navigate autonomously, collect water samples at different locations, analyze them in the field and upload the results to a central server, where a user can monitor it from the comfort of his/her own office. Swans are usually associated with clean waters and go along well with recreational activities. A team of "swans" can do simultaneous spatial data sampling, over a period of time, in a cooperative and adaptive fashion making them perfect for obtaining statistical coverages. Moreover, they need only minimal logistical support as they return to a home location after a specified task, for servicing (if required).

Key Features

  • Unattended, autonomous
  • Mobile, intelligent
  • Sample at places that matter
  • Persistent presence
  • Cloud-based
  • Real-time data
  • Interactive mission control
  • Minimal logistics (return home)
  • Low cost, simple & safe


SWAN Manual Fixed Buoys AUV
Automated N.A
Real-time Data
Low maintenance
Low Cost