Our company

Subnero is a Singapore-based company providing cutting-edge products and solutions for in-water wireless networks.

Our mission

To offer high-quality in-water communication, navigation, monitoring, and sensing solutions through continuous innovation.

Our vision

To be the de-facto standard for in-water communication and sensing networks.

Our journey

The story of Subnero began in the early 2000s at the Acoustic Research Laboratory (ARL) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) when a team of researchers procured acoustic modems to get periodic status updates from underwater sensors used in their scientific research. They quickly realized that tropical shallow waters around Singapore presented some of the most challenging conditions for acoustic communications in the world and that no modems available back then, provided reliable and robust wireless communications underwater. The team took it as a challenge to understand and overcome the difficulties in underwater acoustic communications. A decade and multiple projects later, we have a variety of technologies and research platforms such as the Unet II smart modems, Water Quality Monitoring USVs, and UnetStack software framework that repeatedly demonstrates superior performance in any environment.

Subnero was formed out of the desire to make these technologies commercially available to the wider community, so that our customers and partners can build solutions that push the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding about the vast oceans of planet Earth, using true heterogeneous underwater networks.

Our team

We are a team of curious and passionate folks, always looking for new ways to push the limits of today's technology in the realm of underwater wireless networking and in-water sensing. We dabble with digital communication techniques for fun and play with unmanned surface vehicles for stress relief. We decorate our Christmas trees with colorful PCBs, have debates about which programming languages or design techniques are the best (we all have our favorites), and turn debugging sessions into hackathons.

We are proud of what we do at Subnero. We end our weeks with Friday hacks, plan weekend dive trips, and are excited for Monday mornings.

Let us know if you would like to be part of our vibrant team.

Our Technology

In today's world, we take connectivity for granted. Technologies like Wifi and GPS have become so ubiquitous that we rarely think about them. Developing robust wireless communications, networking, and localization is crucial to exploring the world and expanding our knowledge about it, which is why we know less about our oceans than we do about the Moon or Mars. We intend to change that with our technology and offerings to give the oceans a voice.

Our Testimonials

As of now, we have 6 of these nodes that will make up an underwater network. One of these will be attached to LoLo and will function as a dynamic node in the network. It won't be gigabyte speeds, but being able to communicate anything efficiently and over long distances will be crucial for the future of underwater technology.

LoLoAUV team

Maritime Robotic Laboratory, Stockholm

Thank you Subnero for excellent Software-defined underwater acoustic modems! I am so glad to finally see something that can actually run developed software seamlessly on hardware without further modifications.

Jay Patel

PhD student, University of Dalhousie