September 28, 2018

UnetStack Newsletter - September 2018

We are delighted to share the following news updates with you:

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May 27, 2018

UnetStack Newsletter - May 2018

We are delighted to share the following updates with you:

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December 12, 2017

Underwater modem with a secondary data acquisition system

The Subnero underwater modems provide options for customization and extension at many levels. For a research application, a customer required 4 synchronized recordings of a received signal from carefully positioned hydrophones, everytime the signal was detected on the main hydrophone. In order to fulfill this requirement, we integrated 4 preamplifiers and a USB-1608G Series high-speed USB data acquisition system in our standard modem. A driver was developed (in C language) for the multi-channel acquisition system. This driver published its data to UnetStack using standard baseband recording messages, so that the customer’s software could request these messages.

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February 02, 2017

Subnero modems feature in research article published in IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering

A peer-reviewed technical communication was recently published in IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering presenting a review of the literature on software-defined underwater acoustic modems. The paper titled “Software-Defined Underwater Acoustic Modems: Historical Review and the NILUS Approach” by Dol. et. al presented the past and ongoing academic efforts, and industrial developments on the software defined underwater acoustic modem structures and functionalities.

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December 20, 2016

Connecting the ocean to the internet

The open_resource magazine, a biannual magazine from Suez which covers great ideas and solutions around management and usage of our natural resource, recently covered Subnero in their 3rd issue.

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March 29, 2016

UnetStack Newsletter - March 2016

We have 3 quick updates:

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August 01, 2015

The need for a better monitoring solution

With harmful algal blooms, eutrophication and emerging contaminants, monitoring of water bodies has become increasingly important. However water bodies cannot be modeled as isolated systems; many external factors such as urbanisation and other human activities affect them.

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May 14, 2015

UnetStack Newsletter - May 2015

Meet us at OCEANS’ 15

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February 20, 2015

Subnero underwater acoustic recorder (aRecorder)

While our modems are designed to transmit and receive data, they also provide direct access to acoustic signals. A client had a need to simply record underwater sounds at scheduled times. While this could easily be done with the modem without any customization, there was also a need to increase the battery endurance and to sample signals from multiple broadband hydrophones. With these customizations, the Subnero aRecorder was born.

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July 25, 2014

UnetStack Newsletter - July 2014

UnetStack and simulator v1.2 released!

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June 09, 2014

Subnero featured in Wired magazine

Wired UK covered Subnero in its June 2014 issue. The article focused on how Subnero’s technology could change the way we think about underwater communications, as applications could include wireless-enabled aquatic drones conducting real-time analysis, and augmented-reality goggles for divers.

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June 03, 2014

Team from Subnero awarded the most disruptive innovation award

Subnero (team Orca) took part in the Hydropreneur Programme and presented a product idea related to diver navigation and communication during the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2014. The team won the ‘Most Disruptive Innovation Award’. The product idea focussed on using Subnero’s underwater communication technology to enable divers to communicate, navigate and share their dive log in real-time.

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March 22, 2014

World water day

World water day is held annually on the 22nd of March.

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March 13, 2014

The Singapore autonomous underwater vehicle challenge is back

The Singapore autonomous underwater vehicle (SAUVC) challenge is back.

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February 24, 2014

Quest for a standard

Standards are the reason why our phones and Wi-Fi routers of different brands can communicate seamlessly. In this case 802.11x being the accepted standard. However these standards haven’t been here since the birth of the wireless technology. It took a great deal of time to arrive at something most could agree upon. That time is here for underwater networks. There is a pressing need for a standard. Currently interoperability is limited and happens through gateways that will connect different set-ups, so nodes in one network will go through a ‘translator’ to be able to communicate with another network. However this is less than ideal for the long term and peer to peer offers a well-defined evolution as demonstrated by terrestrial wireless systems.

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October 26, 2013

UnetStack Newsletter - October 2013

The Acoustic Research Laboratory (ARL) and Subnero are proud to announce the public availability of UnetStack v1.1.1: The flexible network stack for underwater communications!

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September 30, 2013

UnetStack Newsletter - September 2013

Unetstack v1.1 is now available for download.

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September 01, 2013

Software-defined Networking takes a big leap forward in underwater communications

Commonly cited challenges in underwater networks include low bandwidth, long propagation delay, half-duplex nature of the links, high packet loss, and time-variability. To deploy successful networks in the face of such challenges, cross-layer information sharing, low-bandwidth design and accurate transmission/reception timing can be critical. Traditional layered network stacks provide good separation of concern, but result in sub-optimal protocols for underwater networks.

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March 09, 2013

Underwater networking technology featured in The Economist

The domain of underwater communications is at a tipping point, with the level of interest in underwater technology seeing substantial growth in recent years.

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