April 26, 2021

UnetStack Newsletter - April 2021

Unetstack v3.3 release

The latest version of UnetStack3 is now available for download.

UnetStack 3.3.0 includes the following new features:

  • JSON event tracing framework
  • Built-in viztrace tool to automatically draw sequence diagrams from JSON trace file
  • Reporting of ambient noise level and received signal strength indicator (RSSI) in simulated HalfDuplexModem
  • Capability to write agent in Julia

Download UnetStack v3.3 now

We also took this opportunity to release smaller improvements such as:

  • Addition of NodeInfo for roll and simulated pitch , allowing AUVs to use orientation information in making intelligent decisions
  • Broadcast of AboutToSleepNtf message to enable agents to do housekeeping before taking a nap
  • Inclusion of eternity as an alias for forever for sleep scheduling to avoid any confusion
  • Improved communication performance for UdpLink and OFDM links

Check out our YouTube channel for the latest video about this latest release, as well as our blog.