March 09, 2013

Underwater networking technology featured in The Economist

The domain of underwater communications is at a tipping point, with the level of interest in underwater technology seeing substantial growth in recent years.

Underwater Networking

While nodes in water are by no means new, the ability to connect these aquatic denizens - submarines, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), sensing elements etc. via a network is now being recognized as a key planning element by defense & homeland security agencies, water utilities- and commercial entities in a variety of industries that deal with in-water solutions.

In its Technology Quarterly issue (March 9th, 2013), the Economist magazine ran an article titled “Captain Nemo goes online”, further acknowledging the growth in the underwater networking space. One of Subnero’s founders, Dr. Mandar Chitre is cited in the article, acknowledged for technological innovation that allows underwater communication to occur over large distances in extremely challenging conditions.