November 18, 2020

UnetStack Newsletter - November 2020

Unetstack v3.2 release & latest blogs

The latest version of UnetStack3 is now ready to download.

UnetStack 3.2.0 release primarily focuses on improved robustness, bug fixes, and a few API enhancements:

  • New link management interface for UDPLink (accessed via indexed parameters)
  • Added support for node roll/pitch in NodeInfo service
  • New GetPreambleSignalReq message added to Baseband service supports for preamble signal extraction
  • Numerous other small enhancements & bug fixes

Download UnetStack v3.2 now

We also have a few new blog articles that we are excited to share:

Check out our YouTube channel for the latest videos about Practical Underwater Software-Defined Network.

Unet audio:

Did you know that Unet audio is freely available from the same community edition and that it enables you to convert your Linux or Mac laptop into a UnetStack powered software-defined acoustic modem?

Read all about in section 15.4 of UnetStack handbook.