October 12, 2020

Subnero at Global Oceans 2020

Due to the pandemic, the physical Oceans 2020 Singapore conference and exhibition have been postponed to 2024.

To make sure that we don’t miss the exciting new papers and stay up to date with the latest development, the IEEE OES decided to combine Oceans Singapore and US Gulf coast into a single virtual event: Global Oceans 2020.

The Subnero team was very pleased to deliver a tutorial about practical underwater software-defined network. The team talked about the fundamentals of underwater communications and networking, and many practical tools and techniques to solve common challenges. In the hands-on sessions, participants were able to try out the demos themselves using the freely available UnetStack networking stack and simulator.

The session took place virtually with a series of 6 videos:

Part 1 - Introduction to underwater networksPart 2 - Getting started with UnetStackPart 3 - Multi-hop LinksPart 4 - Sensors and the internetPart 5 - LocalizationPart 6 - Summary and conclusion

Slides, code samples, and more information about the tutorials is available here

The videos are also available on our YouTube Channel.

We received some great feedback from the participants that generated interesting conversations.

We hope that we’ll be able to meet with everyone soon.