April 08, 2020

UnetStack Newsletter - April 2020

We are excited to release the next instalment of features and performance enhancements in the form of UnetStack 3.1.

In addition to improved performance and bug fixes, UnetStack 3.1 brings significant feature upgrades to the link, ranging and routing services, new concepts such as wormholes and distributed spatial diversity, a new fragmentation-reassembly framework, and improved user interface in the form of dashboards.

New features:

  • Dashboards,
  • Localization framework and a new ranging agent,
  • Redefined routing service,
  • Link state information,
  • Enhanced UDP links,
  • Wormholes,
  • Unity (distributed spatial diversity),
  • New fragmentation/reassembly framework,
  • Adoption of fjåge parameters,
  • Various performance enhancements

Read all about the new features in the What’s new in UnetStack 3.1 blog article.

Also check out the video for the new features in UnetStack 3.1.

Can’t wait to try it? Here is the link to download it.