October 26, 2013

UnetStack Newsletter - October 2013

The Acoustic Research Laboratory (ARL) and Subnero are proud to announce the public availability of UnetStack v1.1.1: The flexible network stack for underwater communications!

UnetStack v1.1.1 is now available for download

The intent of UnetStack is to provide a framework for promoting community collaboration in the underwater networks arena. Key elements include:

  • Agent-based network stack
  • Customizable, extensible and scriptable
  • Cross-layer cooperation
  • Run same code in simulator and modem
  • Interactive shell and remote access
  • Supports multiple acoustic and RF links
  • Easy to learn and use!

The extensible underwater stack implementation (UnetStack) & related documentation, and a simulator for underwater networks are available for download at www.unetstack.net. An active discussion board is also available for troubleshooting support and general underwater networking-related discussions.

UnetStack-conformant software-defined modem now available

A modem implementation of UnetStack is now available to unleash the full abilities of the stack in field deployments. The Subnero Underwater Modem (formerly known as the UNET-2 modem) is designed with flexibility and sensibility as basic design objectives, addressing commonly faced constraints with technologies available thus far.

Sea trials and deployment experience have repeatedly proven outstanding performance, including in extremely challenging underwater acoustic conditions. The modem is provided by Subnero: for further information, visit www.subnero.com.

Subnero is a Singapore-based company focused on enhancing underwater communications. Subnero’s mission is to develop flexible, software-defined communication nodes for a variety of industries and applications. We are working with innovators worldwide to facilitate advances in underwater networking. The UnetStack and Unet-2 platforms, on which Subnero’s Underwater Modem is based, were conceptualized at the Acoustics Research Laboratory (ARL) at the National University of Singapore.