March 13, 2014

The Singapore autonomous underwater vehicle challenge is back

The Singapore autonomous underwater vehicle (SAUVC) challenge is back.


Students from around the world undertake the challenge of building an underwater vehicle that has to perform a set of tasks autonomously. Tasks include following a path, dropping a ball in a bucket, bumping a flare and locating the exit which is demarcated with two acoustic pingers. All this has to be done without surfacing or touching the floor.

The competition also exposes students to a multitude of challenges faced in marine robotics. Some of the challenges are system engineering, automation and waterproofing to name a few.


There are teams from Canada, India, Malaysia and Singapore competing this year!

Viewing is open to public, so drop by to see AUVs swimming in a pool! And also come meet the Subnero volunteers helping with the organization of the challenge.


14th to 16th March 2014


Nanyang Technological University,Sports and Recreation Centre,20 Nanyang Green, Singapore 637715.

Check out the SAUVC website for more details.