October 01, 2019

UnetStack Newsletter - October 2019

We are now pleased to announce the release of UnetStack3.

Since the first public release of UnetStack in 2013, we have been steadily adding features and improving ease of use. UnetStack3 is a major milestone in the evolution of UnetStack. It debuts a software-defined modem that can run on your laptop or on an embedded computer.

It adds the following features:

  • Web-based management, development & simulations tools,
  • Unet audio, including JANUS support,
  • Easy-to-use socket-style application programming interfaces (APIs),
  • Support for language APIs such as Python, Javascript, C and Julia,
  • Portals for transparent data transfer between applications,
  • Short-circuit processing for bandwidth efficiency,
  • High performance networking protocols,
  • Powerful error correction codes,
  • Customizable address space to optimize bandwidth usage,
  • Support for QoS and DTN protocols,
  • Physical-layer geotagging of frames,
  • Connector framework to support TCP, UDP, and RS232 devices,
  • and more…

More details about those new features can be found here.

Alongside UnetStack3, we also released the Unet handbook, a resource to help you master underwater networking and harness the full power of UnetStack3.

Can’t wait to try it! Here is the link to download it.

We look forward to hearing any feedback that you may have.