February 02, 2017

Subnero modems feature in research article published in IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering

A peer-reviewed technical communication was recently published in IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering presenting a review of the literature on software-defined underwater acoustic modems. The paper titled “Software-Defined Underwater Acoustic Modems: Historical Review and the NILUS Approach” by Dol. et. al presented the past and ongoing academic efforts, and industrial developments on the software defined underwater acoustic modem structures and functionalities.


The authors compare these software-defined modems based on the level of reprogrammability that is allowed for the user to apply the changes to physical layer, networking layer etc. In conclusion, the authors note that out of the many modems that exist today (shown in the figure), specifically seven of them marked in blue frames (in the figure) allow the physical and network layers to be fully reprogrammable. Subnero modem is one of such modems with the fully reprogrammable physical and network layer functionalities. We refer the interested reader to the paper which can be found at this link for more details.