February 20, 2015

Subnero underwater acoustic recorder (aRecorder)

While our modems are designed to transmit and receive data, they also provide direct access to acoustic signals. A client had a need to simply record underwater sounds at scheduled times. While this could easily be done with the modem without any customization, there was also a need to increase the battery endurance and to sample signals from multiple broadband hydrophones. With these customizations, the Subnero aRecorder was born.

The Subnero aRecorder is a multi-hydrophone broadband data acquisition system designed for extended deployments in marine environments. It is designed to support 1 or more hydrophones with an aggregate sampling rate of up to 500kSa/s. The aRecorder comes with factory settable low pass and high pass filters. With the ability to schedule varying-duration deployments, aRecorder allows rapid environmental assessment where no previous data might have been available. it is designed for minimal manual intervention as well as ease of deployment & retrieval. Additional sensors such as GPS, depth sensors, compass etc. can easily be integrated to the system, catering to a variety of applications.

Key Features

  • Multiple hydrophones
  • Broadband
  • Browser based user interface
  • Ability to schedule varying-duration deployments
  • Availability of a variety of optional sensors


Feature Details
Hyrdrophones up to 4
Receiving sensitivity -211±3 dB re 1 V/μPa
Horizontal directivity Omnidirectional ±2dB at 100 kHz
Vertical directivity 270° (±3 dB) at 100 kHz
Bandwidth 1 Hz - 170 kHz
Sampling rate 500 kSa/s (aggregate)
ADC 16 bit
Storage 128 GB (> 30 hours)
Battery User replaceable, 15Ah, 18V (typical)
Battery endurance >30 hours of continuous recording
  >12 days of sleep (typical)
External power 110-230 V AC
Depth rating 100 m (customizable)
Sensors GPS, depth sensor, compass
Scheduled recordings Multiple
User interface Browser based
Communication interface Ethernet