August 02, 2023

Making Waves Overseas

We are thrilled to share a significant milestone for Subnero’s cutting-edge SWIS-ADCP solution! Our esteemed partner, SeaBreath, alongside Nortek Japan and Marine Works Japan teams, achieved resounding success during a demonstration of SWIS-ADCP to their esteemed clients in Japan. The feedback received on its performance and reliability has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the power and versatility of our state-of-the-art technology.

Embracing the essence of underwater monitoring, SWIS-ADCP continues to emerge as a dominant force in the field, empowering businesses with invaluable insights for optimizing their operations.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity to enhance your underwater monitoring deployments with SWIS-ADCP! Connect with us today to unlock the potential of our solution and take your operations to new depths of success.

Together, let’s lend a voice to the ocean and chart a course toward a future of innovation and exploration.