June 11, 2019

UnetStack Newsletter - June 2019

Meet us at OCEANS’ 19

We will be exhibiting at OCEANS’ 19, June 17th - 20th in Marseille, France, booth 34. We look forward to seeing you there!

As part of the exhibition, we will be doing a presentation about software-defined underwater networks with UnetStack3 where we will talk about the latest version of our modems and the exciting projects in our pipeline (including high-speed communication modem and range extension using several modems). Join us on Wednesday the 19th of June at 11:10 am, in the Marseilleveyre room.

UnetStack3 Beta release

After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that we will be releasing UnetStack3 Beta during Oceans 19.The new features are:

  • New web-based IDE and simulator for easier development and testing of new protocols
  • Short-circuiting: a novel stack-wide optimization that enhances performance in low-bandwidth networks
  • Customizable frame formats for optimal performance in both small and large networks
  • Physical service support for geotagging of each transmitted/received frame to enable new localization applications
  • Stack agent support for time-to-live attributes in datagrams, enabling delay tolerant networks (DTN)
  • Improved reliability of underwater links with multi-ACKs and rate-less erasure codes
  • New responsive web interfaces for each node for better user experience
  • A new shell extension mechanism for a customized user-friendly interactionPython, Javascript and C API for extensibility
  • New connector framework to support Ethernet, RS232 and other communication interfaces
  • Bug fixes, usability improvements, and framework enhancements

We will also use UnetStack3 for the tutorial by Dr. John Potter, on Monday the 17th of June, at 8:30 am, to demonstrate real-time encoding, transmission, reception, and decoding of JANUS messages.

Do not hesitate to approach any team member for information about this latest release.

Our new brochures have arrived!We will be distributing, for the first time, our new brochures showing in detail the new specifications of our modems.You can have a sneak preview using the following links: