Multi-channel Configuration Modem

Subnero’s multi-channel smart modems utilize advanced spatial diversity combining techniques to extract data from multiple receiving channels, enabling exceptional communication performance even in the most challenging conditions. Beyond this, these modems possess the unique capability to record synchronized raw signals from multiple hydrophones, allowing for a diverse range of innovative applications such as localization and passive acoustic monitoring.

Key Features

  • Multiple synchronized receiving channels for enhanced communication performance.
  • 2x communication performance as compared to the single channel equivalents.
  • Ability to choose between 1 - 4 additional receiving channels.
  • Access to raw signals from all receiving channels.
  • Ability to develop and deploy user defined applications using UnetStack. Examples are:
    • Rapid environmental assessment.
    • Diversity combining techniques to enhance communication performance.
    • Positioning applications (e.g. USBL).

Multi-channel Configuration

With multiple synchronous channels, a multi-channel modem can effectively process and optimize data transfer in a given environment, ensuring the best possible communication performance. This configuration improves the speed and reliability of communication while reducing errors and interference.




Feature Details
Additional receiving channels up to 3
Sampling rate (per channel) upto 256 kSa/s
Fixed gain 10 dB
Programmable gain 36 dB


Feature Details
Power consumption < 7 W (receive mode, nominal)
< 45 W (transmit mode, avg.)
Dimensions ⌀ 127 ✕ 416 mm