On-demand wireless data transfer for ADCP data

Subnero Wireless Integrated Suite (SWIS), ADCPs Edition provides a seamless end-to-end solution for the wireless transfer of data from Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) to avoid uncertainties during long-term deployments. The intuitive web-based user interface and Content-Aware Processing (CAP) engine let the user effectively manage multiple deployments to drive down the overall costs.

Take a look at how SWIS revolutionizes the deployment of ADCPs.

  • Subnero WNC devices providing high performance acoustic links.
  • Near real-time data availability with smart previews.
  • Intuitive user interface enabling seamless experience.
  • Device info and file list available as soon as a connection is made.
  • Avoid costly cables and regular human intervention.
  • Data analytics at the edge providing further costs reduction.

Comparison with traditional methods of ADCP data collection

SWIS Cables Divers
Cost Reasonable Expensive Expensive
Ease of deployment Simple Challenging Challenging
Near real-time data Near real-time Real-time No
In-field data processing Yes No No
Early fault detection Yes Yes No
Operational safety Safe Potential for entanglement Diver safety concerns
Fault tolerance Multiple copies of data Potential loss due to entanglement Potential loss due to theft

SWIS Features

Data Summarization

Content-Aware Processing (CAP) engine providing smart previews for partial or whole deployments.

Fault Detection

Quick and easy retrieval of ADCP status information such as mode, pitch, battery voltage etc. for early fault detection.

Smart Scheduling

Supporting regular and adhoc data downloads with user-defined schedules providing significant power savings.

Remote Control

Ability to remotely reconfigure ADCPs and communication parameters in the field, during deployment.

Fault Tolerance

Multiple copies of data files are kept for protection against data loss and equipment failure.

Smart Profiles

Best wireless communication performance in a given environment using communication profiles.

Simplified Operations


During Deployment

Components of SWIS

Ease of use, integration ready and support for multiple ADCPs are some of the additional advantages of Subnero WNC series of products.

Easy Plug and Play

Support for popular ADCP models and brands. Simple plug and play. New integrations require less than a month.

Multiple deployments

Download data from multiple seabed units using a single topside unit, making the data retrieval process faster and efficient.

Intuitive web-based user interface (UI) powered by Unetstack for configuration, data download and visualization. No software installation required. Operating system and platform independent.


All relevant information such as device information, smart previews and file list in one place.

Multi-platform support

Accessible via desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile platforms.

Content-Aware Processing (CAP) engine that leverages machine learning techniques to generate smart previews of the ADCP data files.

Machine Learning Enabled

CAP engine supports summary generation for a user-selectable date range and compression ratio for ADCP files.

SWIS in Action

Access seabed ADCP data 3 simple steps:

1. Configure & deploy

2. Connect

3. Download


1. Smart previews

2. Communication profiles